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Monday, August 22, 2005 

not much happening for the Snagleys,,,or,,,(Weekend at Snagelys)

I got nothing to post today.
I dug deep and came up empty handed. Much like Chuck reaching into his drawers.
It was too dang hot to do anything this weekend in the yard.
I had to work half a day Saturday for a meeting over a new centralized database program the programmers are writing. We all argued over what we wanted for 4 or 5 hours, I updated my new PDA.

I got a blackberry PDA phone thingamabob it is pretty cool. I have it programmed to my likings. It is a 7100g, if you are curious.

I did go on an anniversary date with my wife our 11th. We went to the superior grill. I had a 3-inch thick sirloin cooked medium and what had to be the smallest margarita I have ever seen; my wife had a combination platter of some sort. It is a Mexican restaurant. Then we went to a bookstore to look around for some new books. I found nothing I liked. Then we went to a sporting goods store and looked around some more and I got some shorts and a shirt at 50% off. The first clothes I have bought in over a year. We were home by 9:15. Are we some partying folks or what?

Sunday we visited a new church. I liked the church but I don’t think I have the energy to make new friends, and this is a small church, so I could not just blend into the crowd, everyone knows I am the new guy. The dilemma is that we drive 30 minutes to church and it takes a lot of gas and time to make this trek.
Sunday afternoon I finished reading the new Harry Potter book. It is much better than the last two. My wife took the kids to visit her grandmother. I did some weed eating until the heat told me to stop.

I then watched the movie 1941 that show cracks me up.
I stayed up till 9:45 and went to bed. I woke up this morning and here I am.

I am taking posting requests for tomorrow. What do you want? help me folks......