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Friday, August 05, 2005 

My wife

My wife
She gets up every morning and makes my lunch. It usually consists of a sandwich with a granola bar and some fruit. I don’t have to ask he to do it she just does it. She varies the lunch menu so that I don’t get tired of it. I don’t ask her to, she just does.

She cuts the grass at my house. I have about 3 acres of yard that we keep mowed. She does not want me to do it when I get home or on the weekends, she wants me to spend that time with our kids. I have never asked her to cut the grass she just does it.

She tends to the garden. She helped me plant it and keep it weed free. She picks the vegetables and prepares them for our family. My wife also cans vegetables and freezes them for the winter. I have never asked her to do this she just does it.

She lets my boys act like boys. They climb trees and fight imaginary bad guys in the yard. She lets them slay their dragons and rescue her from the back porch. She also lets them cover themselves with mud, and play in the rain. She loves them when she is tired and sick and miserable and does not feel like showing a bunch of ungrateful nincompoops love. I have never asked her to love our kids, she just loves them.

She makes me feel like a man. She lets me kill the bugs and protect her, even when she does not need protecting. She brags about me to other people. And she dotes on me when I build or fix something at our place. And folks let me tell you, I am not much to brag about. But I desperately need her to brag on me and make me feel manly. I have not once asked her to do this, I have never had to she just does it.

My wife smells like a woman. She looks like a woman. She feels like a woman. She acts like a lady. And get this folks I wrote all this stuff and she will never read it. I just wanted to.