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Friday, July 15, 2005 

gone for a week or so

Well folks I will be gone for a week.
My cousin Erwin graduated college last fall a year ago. The government paid his tuition; he studied meteorology, the deal was that when he graduated he owed the government 5 years of service. He was stationed on Juan De Nova Island manning a weather station. The only occupants of the Island were him and a French guy that had been there for 3 years studying birds, and a small number of French military.
Erwin spent his days playing solitaire on a 386 computer with 4 Meg of ram. Erwin evidently could not take the pain of isolation and the companionship of someone who did not speak his language and jumped off of the weather stations radio antennae to his death. Due to the fact that the island technically under French rule a family member has to identify the body and accompany the remains back to the US. So I have been asked by his mother to make the trek. As I understand it he has been placed in a walk in freezer that the French use to store supplies and frozen fish bait.
So I have to fly to Madagascar, then hopefully charter a plane to the island, identify my frozen cousin, then fly across the Mozambique Channel to Mozambique, then fly back to the US with Erwin in tow, should be fun.