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Wednesday, July 13, 2005 

Mt. Snagley II

Hello cubs Mr. Tiddle said. “Anyone for a dip in the creek before supper”. We all said no thank you. Common sense and home training were prevailing.
He then yelled to Attila and Adolph “what about you two scouts. Don’t you want to be an example to these Cubs”?
Adolph and Attila said “Well sure we would, but we did not bring our swimsuits”.
Mr. Tiddle replied “Me neither boys haven’t you ever heard of skinny dipping”.
Adolph and Attila whined, “Sounds great Mr. Tiddle.
Mr. Tiddle said “I’ll meet you at the creek. The ice is thin and I found a place we can push it aside and swim to the other side. Cubs are you sure you wont join us, it will grow hair on your chest”.
“It would grow hair all over me” Luther muttered. The rest of us cubs all agreed that we had all of the hair that we could stand at the moment. Any more hair at this point in our lives would just be showing off.

Mr. Tiddle disappeared with a small towel thrown over his shoulder. Soon Attila and Adolph whimpered after him toward the creek.

Luther looked happier than I had ever seen him. I knew this was bad. Whenever he was really happy it meant that some tragedy was soon to befall us. Luther said this is as good as it gets. I will wait for a few minutes and then sneak down and get Attila and Adolph’s clothes and our revenge will begin.
I said “Luther I don’t know about this we have to sleep here tonight and they will look to us first”. He was not to be deterred. And after a few minutes off he went.

After he left Ms. Long appeared with another of the Moms Mrs. Lackey. Ms. Long asked, “where is Mr. Tiddle” I said “he is off swimming in the creek”. Ms. Long said, “Oh that man. We agreed as if we knew what she was talking about. We then set them up with some marshmallows and they taught us some songs they learned as girl scouts at Mt Snagley. It was turning into a nice night it was cold but the fire was warm. The sky was clear and the smoke and sparks drifted nicely up into the night sky. We drank hot chocolate and listened to the night.

Then Luther came back.
“I was only able to get one set of clothes,” he said. I stuffed them in their tent. I hope it is Attila’s. He then looked up at the ladies, surprised, and said “hi mom” and gave her the hug she was expecting. She said “Loothar I trust you were not up to any mischief”. Luther did his best-embarrassed look and said Kind of personal mom. The ladies laughed shyly. Then Luther and I waited to see who it was Attila or Adolph.

Attila dashed into camp to warm by the fire. He was fully clothed. “Boys, you did the right thing. I stuck my toe in the water and it is still numb.”

“Ok” Luther said “it is Adolph then. This should be good”.
Adolph came into camp next. “That water is colder that a well diggers hind end” Adolph said. If I had gone into that water I would have frozen my… well hello their Ms. Long, Mrs. Lackey nice to see you this evening. Adolph was fully dressed as well.

Luther looked grim. “I was afraid something like this might happen. You can have my bike.

Then a monster roared into camp. I for a moment thought it was a Sasquatch, but it was Mr. Tiddle. He was naked except for a small cedar branch he had broken off of a tree as a concession to modesty. Luther and were too afraid to hide. Then an odd thing happened he grabbed Attila and Luther. As I thought he said dry as a bone. So boys the old steal the clothes trick well you picked the wrong man to play that one on.
“It wasn’t us Mr. Tiddle we swear,” begged Attila and Adolph
“We’ll see about that lets look in your tent and see if we don’t find my clothes,” said Mr. Tiddle.
“Ok great idea,” said Adolph.
“Yeah lets,” said Attila.
OH NO they screamed as they looked into the tent.
Mr. Tiddle grabbed both of then by the back of the neck and said, “Well we shall see how you boys like a dip in the creek”. And he headed to the creek with both of them in tow.

The screams were some of the best sustained and defiantly the most satisfying of my life. I particularly enjoyed the way they warbled the moment before total submersion.

Mr. Tiddle came back to the campfire. He recovered his cedar bough. His blue legs looked comical poking out covered with goose bumps, and shall we say there was significant shrinkage.
“Boys, ladies please excuse my nudity for a moment. But I need to make a point. People can play their little practical jokes but in the end they have to pay the pipe”. LADIES!!!!! He then crouched over into what could only be described as a standing fetal position. About that time a spark from the fire ignited his bough, which was not doing all that much for his nudity anyway. Made a mad dash to the tent to get some clothes. I would have sworn I heard him say a bad word then but as a scoutmaster he would not have don’t something like that.

Luther and I went home with Ms. Long that evening. Both of us decided we liked camping. But we also decided that cub scout camping could not get any better that he had that night. We both quit the cubs and waited for the day we too could become full-fledged boy scouts.