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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

5 things

Ok i got tagged by SK
i was suffering from writers block so this is something.

1. 10 years ago I was still a newlywed working 70+ hours per week as an air-conditioning repair man
2. 5 years ago I was enjoying my second sons birth
3. 1 year ago I was doing the same damn thing I am doing now.
4. 5 Snacks I enjoy…honey dew melon, cantaloupe, peaches, cookie dough, starburst jelly beans,
5. 5 songs I know all the words to. He went to Paris Jimmy Buffet, Happy Birthday, Blue Moon Billie Holliday, The Streak Ray Stephens, and Cherry Pie Warrant.
6. 5 locations I would run away to. Alaska, Fairhope Alabama, Dauphin Island Alabama, Edenton North Carolina, Waxhaw North Carolina.
7. 5 bad habits Procrastination, leaving the sink full of shaving cream, leaving my desk messy, Chuck abuse, eating all the fruit in the house.
8. 5 things I like doing fishing, working at home, playing with my kids, hunting, archery
9. 5 things I would never wear, Speedo, a dress, jewelry, women’s underwear, chucks hat.
10. 5 toys … Hoyt hypertec bow, work shop, building stuff, antique fishing tackle