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Tuesday, July 05, 2005 

What If

What if

1. Deep impact was really an effort to divert a impact with earth
2. China is our next war “how old will your kids be”
3. Bacon, and egg sandwiches with mayo and cheese on toast cure cancer
4. The tobacco companies are right
5. Low carbohydrate diets cause impotence
6. We bought no more oil from the middle east
7. California fell into the ocean
8. Ted Kennedy was not an idiot
9. The John Belushi had not died
10. What if James Traficant is right
11. Gary Hart had no Monkey Business
12. Nixon had not got caught
13. Martin Luther King Jr. lived
14. The world trade center had not been destroyed by terrorist
15. Something else and thousands more had already been destroyed by terrorist
16. There were no mosquitoes
17. Bill Clinton had not had any scandals involving women
18. All cars used hog poop and corn for fuel
19. Prince Charles was king
20. Bill Gates feed a third world country for a year.
21. Ted Nugent was a vegetarian.
22. Donald Trump was not ego driven
23. Politicians were honestly doing what they thought was best for the country
24. Bo Snagley was president
25. Grace were based on actions