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Friday, June 24, 2005 

Well the bills are pilling up.
We are having a bunch from my wife’s biopsy and oh I forgot to tell yall about the trip to the emergency room for my daughter.

My father wanted to water the grapes with plastic drums. I hated the idea because they are uglier that the underside of a boot, but he is an old man and I don’t protest too much usually. My double dufas brother got him some from somewhere. They were filled with sodium hydroxide at one time. They only had trace amounts when delivered to my home where they were left with my three kids and wife. The boys played the drums pretending they were horses. My 3-year-old daughter decided to try to inflate the drum so she put her mouth on the opening. Sodium hydroxide true to its nature burned her mouth and tongue.

My wife called poison control. They freaked and told her to hang up and call an ambulance, which she did. The paramedics showed up in about 10 minutes followed by the ambulance driven by a young maniac. They made the normally 45 minute drive to children’s hospital in 22 minutes in Birmingham’s rush hour traffic. I arrived before the ambulance from work. Long story short, she is fine some chemical burns but overall ok. Thank God. We disposed of the drums of poison, which my double dufas brother and father let my children play with. If she had ingested any it probably would have killed her or maimed her. So Papa Snagley was ticked, and acted accordingly, no one will bring poison to my house and leave it for my kids to play with.

Anyway, all these bills are piling up. We decided not to go on vacation this summer. Which is a bummer. We will do something in town I will still take off the time. Oh well, “Life comes along”…

On a side note the chickens are arriving today. So that is good. 24 Buff Orrington chicks. Pictures will be on the way.