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Friday, June 17, 2005 

plans for the weekend

Weekend plans.

Well as you know my old buddy Stinky, I mean chuck, bailed on the fishing trip. He said something about another back waxing or something like that. So I have to come up with some other plans. I could

1. Go fishing anyway. (Fishing by myself is boring. But I have not ruled it out)
2. Buy some chickens (I cannot fine a place that sells locally)
3. Work in the garden (After 14 inches of rain in two weeks the grass is knee high in the garden. So I need to do that)
4. Go buy some new athletic shoes. (My old ones are worn out sort of like me)
5. Dig a big hold and bury my feet. (It limits my mobility for those quick moves I am known for)
6. Slap my wife on the butt and call her baby. (That is in the plans anyway)
7. Rent a movie (lame… nothing I want to see)
8. Buy some arrows and shoot targets all weekend. (Distinct possibility)
9. Climb into a tall tree and pee off the top (well that’s got to be in my plans)
10. Hop naked on a pogo stick through the feminist picnic down town with “Men rule” tattooed to my hind parts. (Nah could lead to more trouble that I want)

Oh well I guess I will think of something. If you hear of anything let me know.