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Monday, June 06, 2005 



Chuck has this post about music the other day and it got me thinking.
I don’t listen to music. I can’t think when it is playing, it clutters my thoughts.
I don’t listen to it on a daily or even weekly basis. When I do I like to listen to Jazz. Old jazz. Mostly instrumental
But in my past I was known to listen music even music at high decibel levels.
So here are my top 10 songs that I have liked in my life. I will try to not be too obscure

1. Happy birthday (Mom and Dad) My parents have sung this song to me every birthday I have had. It is always good news to hear this one. And at the end I like to throw in the old “your growing old” for sarcasms sake.
2. Blue Moon. (Billy Holliday) Another old song I like that mellow tone that the old time blues singers achieved. It is not really a blues song in the classical sense of blues, sort of cabaret. You expect to see a woman on a piano in a low cut dress.
3. I got my Mo Jo working (Clarence Gatemouth Brown) I was in New Orleans in a jazz club one time with my ex brother in law. We were having a Heineken when he looked over and said “hey that’s Gatemouth Brown. Dang if it wasn’t I bought him a Heineken and he sang this song.
4. Snow Blind Friend (Stephenwolf) This is about a guy who overdoses on drugs. I heard it the first time after a friend had the same problem.
5. Bason Street Blues. (3 drunks) that is the actual name of the Dixie land jazz band I like Dixie land jazz. This is a good one.
6. Pretty Woman (Van Halen) Great intro
7. The George Thorogood anthology
8. Songs you know by heart (Jimmy Buffett) the entire cd
9. Crazy (Patsy Cline) When I hear this one I want to get drunk and cry in my soup
10.Jesus loves me (Me) I have to sing it to my middle boy every night or he wont go to sleep