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Thursday, May 26, 2005 

I started this list then got overwhelmed. Thought I would publish it
been out of town for a few days. I am back so prepare for the same low quality that this blog has built its reputation on.

Plans for summer

1. Finish chicken coop
2. Build chicken brooder
3. Buy chickens
4. Take family on vacation to state park of their choosing
5. Work in garden
6. Eradicate stumps left over from Ivan the terrible
7. Work on boat
8. Paint roof on dad’s workshop.
9. Start learning Latin
10. Take kids fishing
11. Sell house second house (anybody interested)
12. Go fishing by myself
13. Plant clover field at property in county
14. Build fence to house goats to eat grass in pasture that is getting out of hand.
15. Make one batch of wine.
16. Build fence for dog
17. Build barrier for Wife’s strawberry bed
18. Build barrier for grape fines and fill with pine bark.
19. Rent dump truck and tear down barn.
20. Start building archery range for kids.
21. Move shrubs to front yard
22. Enclose deck for parents.
23. Plant more blueberries
24. Move juvenile apple trees to pasture
25. Move rose bushes to fence line.
26. Build rabbit hutches
27. Buy rabbits
28. Build Compost bin for chicken and rabbit leavings
29. Install motion sensitive lights around chicken and rabbit houses
30. Install exhaust fan in workshop.
31. Start construction of kid’s clubhouse.Take a nap


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