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Friday, June 03, 2005 

A Snagley work history

Snagleys Jobs

1. Age 14 Loading Hay
2. Age 15 Cleaning the high school cafeteria
3. Age 16-17 farm hand on soy bean farm
4. Age 17 off season Chic-fil-A
5. Age 18 Plumbers helper
6. Age 19 Air conditioning mechanic helper
7. Age 20 Pipe crew laying water main
8. Age 21 Stable cleaning at horse farm
9. Age 22 Back to Pipe Crew different company
10. Age 23-24 Pool cleaner at Holiday in at beach
11. Age 25-29 Air conditioning Mechanic
12. Age 30 Construction superintendent
13. Age 31- Customer support/Installation manager at a software company

Ok some detail
I enjoyed hauling hay. It was in the outdoors in the sun. I got paid per bale of hay loaded.

I could go at my own pace as long as rain was not in the forecast

I hated cleaning the cafeteria. Lunch room ladies are nuts

I loved working on the farm. 16 hour days but I loved being outside in the sun.

Chick-fil-A was an awful job typical fast food job. Boss made a ton of money I made minimum wage. I was used to real work so I outworked everyone there.

Plumbers helper Glorified ditch digger did learn about plumbing code and pipe fitting.

Air conditioning helper got a trade school degree and did this for a while. Was good at it.

Pipe crew I worked with the armpits of society. These guys lived out of their cars. Daily they would drive their cars one mile forward and lay water mains to their cars when they got to them they would drive into town buy a case of beer and a bucket of chicken then drive back to the job site eat the chicken drink all of the beer fall asleep and urinate all over themselves then without showering go back to work the next day. One guy did this for over a month until the job boss made him bathe.

I started college and needed money for food so I got a job cleaning out the stable at a horse ranch. There I gained money for school and a deep and intense hatred for horses.

Back to pipe crew. Construction pays more money than shoveling horse poop.

Pool cleaner at the holiday in at the beach. Summer job. Sweet. Went in at 5:00 was off at 1:00 .Snagley was free on the beach till 5:00 Oh Yeah.

Air conditioning Mechanic. After I left college because of a lack of money I went back to being an air conditioning mechanic I averaged 67 hours per week the most I worked was 103 in hours one week. One-week vacation per year

Construction superintendent. I worked at this for one year worked 6 16 hour days per week but they did give me Sundays off. No vacation no holidays.

Present Customer support manager at a software company. I knew those days in the computer lab would pay off. Ha Ha ain’t life a kick in the pants. Best job I have ever had I even enjoy it. Moved from flunky to management been here 7 years no plans to leave.