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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

another day another quarter

My brother is coming for a surprise visit this weekend.
He is bringing his mother in law, which seems odd to me
He is 18 years older than I am. He is the most anal retentive person I have ever met.
I really like his wife. I lived with them for a couple of months once. They are staying from Saturday through Tuesday.
On another note, my oldest brother is finding me some baby chick. I have been holding out for Buff Orrington. They have not been easy to find. I know none of you know what I am talking about but I am about half sick today and material is suffering.
For those of you wondering about the upcoming Chuck, Snagley fishing outing, we are going to a small lake and renting a boat. We will try for some bream and maybe some crappie. Chuck will, in all likely hood, fall out of the boat. I am anxious to see how he does. He is not know for his outdoor acumen.
I got nothing funny for today’s post so lets do another ask Snagley.
I will answer your questions. If you have any.
Snagley out