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Friday, June 10, 2005 

Snagley needs a vacation

The top ten signs you need a vacation

1. Your skin is so pale that you are easily mistaken for a zombie
2. You liken of being sick in bed as a trip to a spa.
3. You start singing Jimmy Buffet songs out loud at work.
4. You just made a customer service rep at ebuyer.com cry.
5. You think of a visit from relatives as a curse on your head.
6. Merlot just ain’t cutting the mustard anymore.
7. You have a chicken coup, chicken brooder, feeder and water setup and no chickens.
8. Your kids don’t think there really is an ocean.
9. You ask the doctor if you can put Mrs Dash salt substitute on your margarita glass.
10. Your last name is Snagley