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Tuesday, June 21, 2005 

I have ordered chickens. 24 buff Orrington chicks. They will be in Thursday but I will have to have them delivered from Selma Alabama, home of the Edward T Pettis Bridge.
I am having some folks over to the house Sunday they will eat my food and comment on my place. They are all “city yuppies”. They comment on my kids tire swings and the ropes that they climb and then they will look at the garden and fruit trees and my kids beagle Patsey. I can tell all the while they are thinking what a bunch of red necks, maybe one day those Snagleys can move into town and live like the rest of us slubs.

But, I like living where I do. I love having a garden, chickens, and living as I do. I would not trade my kids swings and ropes for anything in the world. And I would not live in “town” unless forced by conditions beyond my control. So I will feed the yuppies my food. “Probably feed them deer burgers and not tell them” and take all the advice on how to improve myself. And when they leave I will feed my chickens, water the garden, hug my kids, slap my wife on the butt and call her baby, and sleep soundly and satisfied.
Snagleys rule