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Monday, June 20, 2005 

Send winnings to the Snagley Fund

As you know I took a bet to hop naked on a pogo stick through a feminist picnic with MEN RULE tattooed to my hind parts.
Well I could not get the tattoo on such short notice. So I used paint. During several trial runs in my back yard I discovered that it is quite painful to hop naked on a pogo stick. I am used to more support in certain areas. However a bet is a bet.
I went down town, and as it happens not only was there a feminist picnic but also the music festival City Stages was this weekend.

As I prepared for this task I was quick to insure that Chuck was not around with a camera. I made it half way through the picnic when I was pelted with potato salad. I sped up my hopping and was tackled by several militant feminists. I was tied up; my hind parts suffered a severe scrubbing. I was released several hours latter with the words “Women First” written in sharpie on my rear. Needless to say it was quite embarrassing.

Unfortunately my pogo stick was bent into the shape of a pretzel and wrapped around my neck. I was afforded the luxury of an athletic supporter, although I am a little uncertain where it came from. I was released quite a way from my pickup truck next to a biker’s bar. A kind fellow named Roadrash gave me some assistance and I was on my way home.

Anyway, a fund has been set up in the name of Snagley at any Merchants and Planters bank. You may send my winnings to this fund.

Thanks. Bonaparte Oliver Snagley