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Wednesday, June 22, 2005 

as good as it gets

After yesterdays post I felt a little guilty about abusing my yuppie friends. They are good people they just have different ideas about what makes life worth living. I thought about what I truly enjoy. What I want to remember about this part of my live this age of 30 something. I am starting to feel mortal which is a pain in the butt. But I know that the simple pleasures in life are what I want to remember.

I remember 4 years ago on a Christmas morning. I was with my wife’s family. We spend it in the country at her grandparent’s house. We were opening presents everyone was laughing and loving each other. And my father in law stopped us for a second. He said I want yall to think about something for a second, I want you to realize that this is as good as it gets. We were all together healthy and happy. That was a pivotal moment in my life.
That was the moment that i got it.

My wife’s great grandmother died this year at 100, she was living large to the end. Her grandmother has developed cancer and there is no hope. But I have the memory of what it is like to be as good as it gets. This year it will be as good as it gets again. Even if we are a little sad I plan on loving everyone with all I have. It is the simple pleasures that make it as good as it gets.

Simple Pleasures

1. Coffee in the morning in my workshop with my sons.
2. Digging worms with my daughter. And hearing her squeal
3. Seeing my 85-year-old father working in the garden.
4. Watching my 80-year-old mother walking for exercise with my wife and hearing them talk and laugh.
5. Watching my sons climb the same trees that I climbed as a boy.
6. Sleeping with the windows open while it rains and hearing the rain fall on the oak and pecan trees.
7. Catching fire flies with my kids
8. Slapping the wife on the butt and calling her baby. (I know it keeps coming up but what can I say I like it)
9. Seeing my kids play
10. Homes schooling the kids.