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Friday, July 01, 2005 

29 things I would buy if I could afford to I could not come up with 100
I was asked to do this so here it is. I really do have what I need and most of what I want. There are some things of course that I would buy if I could

1. I would build an outdoor store. I would sell fishing supplies and bait during the summer. I would have a kitchen that would cook breakfast and prepare sack lunches for the fisherman. I would have a fenced in lot that I would rent places for people to leave their boats that would be guarded when they are not using it. During the winter we would still sell the stuff for fisherman but also sell hunting supplies. And have an archery range as well. This has been my dream for a long time. I want this so that I can have a business where my children can work, and take over if they want to.
2. I would let my wife buy whatever clothes she wants to. She does without for the sake of our family. She never complains. I would let her buy whatever she wants.
3. I would build my kids a playhouse.
4. I would buy my parents a home of their own that is designed for old people.
5. I would take my parents on an Alaskan vacation.
6. I would buy an old pickup truck for my kids and me to rebuild and restore.
7. I would build my kids houses on my land for them when they grow up, if they want to live there.
8. I would buy a dozen archery targets and make an archery range for the boys.
9. A home schooling room for my kids
10. I would fence in my property so that we could raise cows or goats.
11. I would build an extension on my house so my boys could each have their own room.
12. A copier for my wife
13. A high output power inverter for my pickup truck so I could run electrical appliances off of the engine.
14. A deck on the back of my house.
15. A tent to take the boys camping
16. I would fix up my boat so that I could take the kids fishing
17. New carpet
18. I would take my kids on a beach vacation
19. I would buy a building for our cub/boy scouts
20. An old tractor to restore and use
21. A new pair of nice work boots
22. I would pay that guy that does extreme makeover home edition to redo our house.
23. A Lotus Elise I know that is crazy and impractical but hey it is a cool ride
24. A painting for my wife she has this really pretty one picked our for her kitchen
25. 4 registered boer goats three does and one buck
26. Central heat and air for my parents. They live in a small apartment next to my house and use window units.
27. Some arrows for my bow
28. A dump truck load of top soil
29. A bunch of fly tying supplies