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Monday, June 27, 2005 

We survived the weekend

Well the weekend was a success.

The chickens came 4 were dead upon delivery. But the remaining 20 are fine. I have 4 roosters and 16 hens. Far more chickens that I originally wanted if 14 hens lay an egg per week then I would have to find something to do with 98 eggs per week. This means I have to scrap my hen house plans in favor of a larger structure. But they are cute. I took some pictures but forgot to bring my digital camera to work with me. They are all eating well and drinking well. The brooder is working well too. So far a success story. But time will tell.

The yuppies came to dinner yesterday. I grilled some hamburgers and hotdogs. The Men and kids were sent out in the yard while the women occupied the house. I don’t know how this always happens but it does. When I would walk in they would all look at me as if I was intruding, and the conversation would screech to a halt. They must have been talking about how handsome I am.

My boys played with the other kids and had a good time. One of the Dads there told my daughter if she swallowed a watermelon seed that a watermelon would grow out of her belly button. This caused a large degree of concern for her. She was still talking about it this morning.

My 5 year old boy and another 5 year old boy got into trouble they were licking their fingers and putting them in each others drink. My son does not mess with his food. He is an eating machine. He did not take this well and eventually it escalated into a hotdog-throwing melee.

One of the women has a son who is a baseball player trying for a college scholarship. He asked his mother if she thought he would do well in sports medicine as a college major. She said she just had to tell him that he was not smart enough to do handle that. I was shocked that a mother would tell her child he was not smart enough for something.
He graduated with honors from high school. If my kid wants to be a mathematician or whatever I am going to tell him to go for it.

Oh well chicken pics tomorrow.

BO Snagley signing out.