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Wednesday, July 27, 2005 

Moron tells Snagley he is a mean father

I have a friend who has 2 boys. They are roughly the same age as my two boys.
They come over occasionally to play. It is obvious that their parents don’t think that we are quite as good as they are.

I am not a poor person. I have to live within my means as most people do.
I am not a yuppie. I aspire to live on a farm. I want my kids to know what it feels like to do an honest days labor. I don’t want them doing it for a living but non-the less I want them to know what it is like to do honest labor.

These morons told me that I was being mean to my kids because I make my oldest Son, who is seven, earn money to purchase his game boy games. I have him do chores around the house and yard for quarters or 50 cents and it takes him weeks to earn the money. A game boy game cost around 15 dollars. He looks forward to earning enough money; he counts it every night and keeps it in a special wallet that I gave him. He thinks of jobs to do around the house, which is a huge help to my wife. They told me that no child should have to work for life’s simple pleasures. This angered me.

I told them that it was my goal that when I turn this child loose upon the world that he be able to pay his own way, as his father has. I further told them that I will help this child any way I can including give up my life in his protection, but I will not raise my son to believe that he is entitled to any free rides due to the fact that he was born. Hell, it is not like a game boy game is a life necessity. I don’t even consider it one of life’s simple pleasures. I don’t charge him to climb a tree, even though I provided him at no charge the rope he uses to climb it. I don’t charge him to cover himself with mud and pretend he is a space alien.

I told my son that if he wants to he can earn the 15.00 dollars for a game and if he wants he could instead of buying a game spend it on a baby goat. This goat could be raised and sold for 85 dollars. The conversation went like this

Me: what could a boy your age do with 85.00
Boy I could buy lots of games
Me or you could buy 5 goats and in 7 months sell them for 85 dollars and make 425.00… what could a boy your age do with 425.00

A light went off in his head I could see it clear as day.

Boy how many goats could I buy for 425 Daddy?
Me 28 goats.
Boy if I raised them for 7 months how much would that be Daddy
Me I had to get my calculator for this one but 2380.00
Boy and if I bought goats with that and sold them how much would that be Daddy
Me 13486.00… What could a young man your age do with thirteen and a half thousand dollars?

Boy Buy some more goats and a really cool game boy game.

Mean my ass.

I feel sorry for their child, and other like him, who will one day have to compete in the workplace with my child.
assuming he chooses enter the workplace.

85.00 is a very conserviative estimate 120.00 is more accurate