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Tuesday, July 26, 2005 


I come from and old family.
My cousin Janie died this last week she was 110.
She is second from the right.
Now I know that i have been known to spin a tale or two but this is real.
The woman was one hundred and ten years old.
she was my grandmothers first cousin. They loved each other very much.
My grandmother died whenI was 13. Thats her on the far left. she lived with us in the apartment where my parents live now. she was the only grandparent i ever knew.
this is profoundly sad for me to know that that era is now gone.
one of the women in this picture is still living. she is 90.
First on the far right
She is the daughter of my cousin who was 110.
She told me she does not know what to do with the rest of her life she dedicated the last 35 years to taking care of her mother.
this is not a sad post. If you live to be 110 you have to expect to die. no one lives forever.
Lots of memories.
Snagley out.