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Monday, August 01, 2005 

High School Reunion

For all of you inquisitive readers of this blog, who were curious about he high school reunion, it was ok. I had to leave early but I was not offended and do not suffer from any type of psychosis or psoriasis or anything like that.
It was ok; some of the hot girls were still hot. Some who were not hot were really hot. The hottest girl from high school is now a lesbian. Evidently she went through a bitter divorce and has ruled out men as potential life partners. I told her we (men) are not all bad. She said, “Why risk it”. I hope she does not run into a female version of her ex-husband. All that being said, she is still hot. Most of the guys are fat and bald, which caused me a great deal of pleasure.

They were all amazed that I went to college and was reasonable popular there. In high school I was very shy and quiet. In college I did lots of stuff.
I don’t know that I would like to have a friendship with these people outside of a 20-year reunion once every 20 years is enough. Snagley out.