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Friday, August 12, 2005 

Have a good weekend

Chuck said he got a kick out of the old picture that i posted the other day. So i though i would post this one. These are some of my family. i am not sure of the date but i think it is prior to 1941

As a foot note i envited Chuck to go fishing but he said he had a apple pealing contest or something like that to attend.

I plan to catch up on some yard work this weekend. And maybe read a book. Anyone got any recomendations for good books.

My grapes came in and i had a bumper crop. the Muscidines and Scuppernongs are going to be a good crop as well. We have bushells and bushells of pears this year. but our garden was a bust too much rain. I keep forgetting to take a closeup pic of a chicken but i will try to get it done this weekend. Have a good one.
Snagley out.