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Monday, August 29, 2005 

and now for something entirely different OR recipie for Cub Scout hot dog

This weekend I hosted a Cub Scout wiener roast.

I have the recipe here for a Cub Scout hot dog if you need it.

1 Ballpark frank.
2 One stick about 3 feet long.
3 One Cub Scout.
4 Minimal adult supervision.
5 One fire.
6 Hot dog bun

First turn the Cubs loose to find their own stick appropriate for roasting their hotdog. They will assault your azaleas first then turn to the fruit trees, finally pointed to our willow tree, appropriate roasting skewers were fashioned.

Have the fire made prior to the Cubs arrival so that it will be a glowing bed of coals.

Give each Cub a wiener. The Cub will drop the wiener then clean it off on their Cub Scout uniform shirt. The wiener thus cleaned, will have their afore mentioned willow branch inserted lengthwise and then dropped onto the dirt. After cleaning the wiener on their Cub Scout uniform pants.

Patsy the Snagley family beagle then meanders by and gets a lick of the wiener. The Cub cuffs Patsy on the head with the wiener then makes his way to the fire.

The fire is a glowing bed of coals. After burning off the dog hair, the Cub sets fire to the far end of his wiener and puts it out in Patsy’s water dish. He then uses his fingers to squeegee it dry then cooks it to perfection over the bed of glowing coals.

The Cub then places his wiener into the hot dog bun, adds ketchup and offers it to Cub Leader Snagley.

Mr. Snagley is allergic to Cub Scout hotdogs so he turns down this noble offer, and watches the procedure repeated 12 times with 12 different Cubs.

Patsy enjoyed the event profusely; she devoured multiple hot dogs that were left hither and yon throughout the historic Snagley Acres.

This is the only known recipe for Cub Scout hotdogs. The recipe must be followed to the letter or you will be left with only hotdogs, and as we all know that would be boring.

Now I got to go weather this coming storm.
Snagley out.