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Friday, September 16, 2005 

I have decided to open a petting zoo at my house.
Please help me to convince Chuck stop waxing his back and come work for me as Olaf The Harry Ape Man.

In other news I have a staff meeting today and did not shave this morning so that should go well. The Queen of Pink The Chuckster and I got together on a web cam she was curious about the looks of Snagley. I am glad to report the view was that “you are not as quite ugly as I envisioned”.

This weekend I plan to take down the bean wires from the garden, start target practice with my bow, and roll in the new fallen dew.
I am contemplating going all out and running naked at the local civic center where a production of the Lion King is going on and screaming “SO WHOS THE KING”. When I was in college it would have been a no brainer but now the thought of the local Cub Scout leader arrested for indecent exposure gives me a bad case of hives.