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Thursday, September 15, 2005 

T.V. is a pain in the hind end

I don’t have cable television at my house. If you want to watch something light and entertaining you are out of luck. Sure you can watch CSI 7 nights a week, but they as are most show so dark that they can depress the hell out of you. Most of the actors went to the William Shatner School of overacting. Horatio Kane aside from being able to dramatically put on his sunglasses, tires me by his overacting. And how often do crime scene investigators actually lead a swat team raid on multinational terrorists. But, having said that I don’t think I have missed an episode. I watch it like those guys on Mystery Science Theater 2000 sort of looking for Abraham Lincoln’s image in the clouds and waiting for the hot blond girl who runs balistics on the guns to come on.
The following are my favorite shows and what I like and dislike about them.

1. Scrubs: This show is hilarious; Dr. Cox and the Janitor guy crack me up. They have some excellent writers. The problem with that show is you never know when it will come on. They show it consistently for a few weeks then stop for 2 months and then all of a sudden it is on again. Pick a day and stick with it . ***

2. 2 ½ Men This one cracks me up too. It is like the odd couple all over again except with a kid in the mix. They are consistent with showing it on the same night. And it comes on after my kids are in bed so I don’t have to explain why all the women are constantly in their bedrooms. ***
3. Numbers Corny beyond belief, but since I have an interest in math and physics I find some of it interesting. I wonder how long they can come up with new ideas for a show that has to be built around someone solving the crimes with a scientific calculator.**

4. The Office Best show on television. I hate the boss. But, I know people like each one of the idiots on the screen. My main complaint is that there were only 6 episodes the first season. I know successful offices that are run by complete idiots like this guy. Their success is mainly due to competent people under them and a sound business model above them. ****

5. Xiaolin Showdown My new favorite cartoon. Who can believe that Omi has been turned into a cat after having his good and evil sides split by the Ying/Yang Yo-Yo? Lets hope that he can turn back into a Xiaolin apprentice and defeat the evil Chase Young. ****