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Monday, September 19, 2005 

Taking applications for the Snagley Petting Zoo

Murf has made a generous offer to be a petee in my new petting zoo. My assumption at this point is that Chuck will stop waxing his back and become the Hairy ape-man, and now Murf will be another feature attraction. Does anyone else wish to take part as attractions in my petting zoo. To avoid any confusion I need for Murf, and any applicants to include in their resume any talents they possess.
Murf included her two breasts and age in her resume. Murf , do you have any further talents or special abilities that will add credibility to the Snagley Petting Zoo.

Remember applicants; dependent upon your talents it may move from zoo to freak show.

On other news my right hand rear view mirror is being held on by duct tape, a gift of a tree limb that fell off of an oak tree in my yard. Anyone got a 5-gallon bucket of super glue?