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Tuesday, September 20, 2005 


Well the petting zoo quickly moved to freak show
The attractions are as follows

1. Chuck will be the hairy ape-man with smoothly shaven genitals we will charge .03 cents for viewing.
2. Trick will provide an ass. Reportedly a large, experienced one. Unsure of how we will bill this one or the charge. Trick what do you think would be appropriate?
3. Murf will lie on her back and allow people to pet her breasts, at which time she will coo melodically and uncontrollably. This one may make us loose our license and require certain zoning restrictions. A touchy subject that will require quiet negotiations with city officials. Possibly free passes to the Murf attraction. a high dollar attraction at any rate.
4. Chickie will be our chicken woman. We will dress her in feathers and let her crow like a rooster. We will charge by the cock-a doodle-do.
5. Rosie will stand at the door dressed like Winnie the Pooh with Breasts and collect the money.
6. Sandy will stand at the exit selling big hugs for $1.00 each.

This has potential folks, we are gonna be rich.