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Tuesday, October 18, 2005 

What are they thinking?

I apologies for the odd post of yesterday. It was out of place to put humor and sick twisted reality together. Today I will not do that. I want to talk a little more about fashion. I have decided Snagley will be the fashion police today, and hit on some more of my pet peeves. Remember people I know each of the people listed below.

1. Baldness cures. I know this old dude that will fly to Iowa monthly for a haircut. The reason is that his barber up there plays this horrible practical joke on him. He is bald but can’t accept it. He has hair only on the sides of his head. But he has grown this hair at least a foot long and wraps it around his head in such a manor as to deceive legally blind people into thinking he is Brad Pitt. I swear he has hairpins all over his head. When I am around him I have to stare. I saw him on a windy day walking backwards down the street with a mirror to keep his hair from blowing away. I am loosing my hair. Big deal it is just hair. Chuck has enough of it on his back to make up for any losses that I have on my head. Folks don’t be so vain that you make a fool out of your self because you are loosing hair. Damn if it is such a big deal put on a hat.

2. Over zealous eyebrow pluckers. My sister in law once plucked all of her eyebrows and drew them back in with a pencil. I know that some women have the dreaded unibrow and this can be embarrassing. I am not talking about that. What I am talking about are people who pluck so many they look abnormal. Like they were involved in a flash fire and they were burned off. If that is what happened to any of my gentle readers, you get a pass. Of course, I also know a guy who passed out drunk and his handsome cousin shaved off his right eyebrow. Oh yeah that was me, Hilarious.

3. Men who shave their legs. I have a friend who says that he has to shave his legs because he rides a bike to stay in shape says that it affects his aerodynamics. B.S. If he was Lance Armstrong maybe but he is not. Middle-aged guys that shave their legs give me the creeps. I would be afraid to go fishing with this guy at the beach, he might show up in a Speedo and throw me into a state of shock. Guys don’t shave your legs, and women do shave yours.

4. Men who wear Capri pants. I should not have to explain this one.

5. Men who pull their pants up past their just beneath their arm pits and tuck their shirt tail in tight. You know the guy. And the odd part is his wife lets the guy go out like that. I guess she is thinking it will keep other women away from him. His pants look like a permanent wedgie and his shirt tail must come down past his knees.

6. Do you remember the guy in the late 80s early 90s who smelled like he tripped and fell into the polo cologne testing counter. He would walk into the room and your eyes would start to water. He wore too tight pants and a shirt that opened up to his navel. He kept a bottle of cologne in his pocket and before he would go into a building would spritz himself. Does anybody still do this?

Snagley out.