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Wednesday, November 09, 2005 

News from Lake Snagley

Today I am wearing some socks without holes. They are still dress socks but I don’t have that feeling like my world is not at peace.

In other news. Next Friday I am going to help Chuck build a gate for his deck. In exchange he has promised me two bottles of wine and lunch. I am defiantly getting the better of this deal. I expect to actually spend about 30 minutes on the gate.

I have this one hen, her name is Fuzzy Britches. She is a bit under developed mentally. But she is the sweetest hen I have. She permits children to hold her and pet her with no pecking or problem. The dilemma is that she is so afraid of the other chickens she will not get off the roost. If she does the roosters try to breed with her and she freaks out. I don’t want to cull her from the flock because I have grown fond of her. But I don’t want her living like a stupid chicken all of her life. My wife is trying to find a petting zoo that would like a friendly chicken. The kids want me to build Fuzzy her own pen. I may have to. If I serve her for supper I will have to spend dollars on child therapy and that makes building a one chicken pen look like a bargain.

Next weeks vacation plans are as follows

Finish clearing fencerow.
Finish Hen house.
Go to farm sale in Clanton. (A farm sale is like a big flea market only with farm stuff instead of cheap watches and B.S. like that).
Fix the lawn tractor. It has water in the gas.
Build Chuck a gate.

At work my project is to find a way to add 54000.00 dollars in additional annual income for our company. I think I found a way. I hope to implement it on 12-1-2005.

And last but not least. In an attempt at spreading good will. I am going on a temporary hiatus from abusing Chuck. I shall say only good things about him and his floor. At least I will until it gets really boring anyway
Snagley out.