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Monday, November 28, 2005 

life, death, chickens and Annie Savoy

Odd weekend.

I helped my cousin clean out his fathers fishing shed. Yes it was a shed full of fishing stuff. His father loved to fish and talk about fishing. He was my mother’s first cousin who died not long ago. I had not done this before and it was odd dividing up his stuff. It was like reading someone’s diary and then tearing out pages and handing them to someone else to keep. I took home dozens of fishing rods and 10 or 12 tackle boxes full of stuff.

In other news. I finished the hen house except for adding the tin roof. I have a plywood roof covered with tarpaper. I have thus far collected 4 eggs. That’s right thrill seekers; one of my hens has started laying eggs. I have not found a home for Fuzzy Britches yet, and will have to find one soon.

I watched Bull Durham this weekend. That is a great movie. Some excellent quotes in that one. My favorite is “The world is made for people who are not cursed with self awareness”. I may have that added to my business cards.

I have always had a crush on Annie Savoy. She is the one played by Susan Sarandon. I do not have a crush on Susan Sarandon, only the character she played in the movie.
Annie is
1. A woman who still wears stockings with garters even when she does not expect anyone to see them.
2. A woman who is brimming with the utmost over confidence but does deem herself better than the next, and is not a know it all
3. You got to love the transcendental overtones that are present all through the movie. How she mixes eastern philosophies, and quantum physics, but ignores any negation between the two.
4. She has lived long enough to be interesting.
5. She still uses unscented candles, I hate scented candles.
6. She tied up Nuke and read poetry to him.

I remind my wife that since I am committed to monogamy and am deeply in love with her she has nothing to worry about. Besides she loves the movie Tin Cup and I think she has a crush on the Costner character in that movie.