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Tuesday, December 20, 2005 

Update from Snag

Sorry I have been gone a while.

Dad had some bad chest pains and a bad dizzy spell.
We took him to the hospital and they ran some test to see what was up.
His heart turned out fine. It seems that his medicine is making his pulse stay around 53 beats per min. which is way too slow, so they are going to adjust his meds to see if they cant speed it up a bit.
I suggested having a young, attractive, naked woman, jump out of a closet and hit him in the face with a coconut cream pie. His doctor said it would be bad for his cholesterol, so I will just have to rely on the meds.
He is 85.

In other news.
My doc said it is unlikely that I have high blood pressure, and that it is most likely stress. He has me monitoring it for 8 weeks ant then we will see what happens. in the mean time i am to have lots of sex, that usually fixes most problems.

And now for a few words from out sponsor.

Go out and buy something.

Snagley out.