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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

My boss just came down and took my blood pressure. 157/98
I used to track it and it stayed around 125/79.

In other news
Mybrother sent my kids a zip line. I am putting a pic of in on the blog.
it is 90 feet long and starts at 12 feet to 8 feet. i have a table setup on the end for them to dismount onto. I plan to build them a tree house on the starting point when i win the lottery and have money.

I am not in the Christmas Spirit this year. Yeah I said Christmas not holiday.(live with it)
I sort of wish I could skip the entire thing and sleep late then read the christmas story out of the bible. (yeah I mentioned the bible, deal with that too).
Then smoke a realy good cigar, and play with my kids.
My favorite cigar is an Auturo Fuente "Hemingway" if you want to send me a box please feel free to. Please ignore the price when choosing the quanity.
Snagley out.