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Thursday, January 26, 2006 

Happy aniversary

One year anniversary

Why I started blogging.

Well it was designed to be a wonderful practical joke. As you all know Chuck is a old college roommate of mine. He is a man of enthusiasms. He had told me he had a blog and that he was enjoying it, and that he was using it to vent his spleen. He wanted to give me the blog address but was afraid I would be offended at the sexual content. “I am a boy scout ya know.”

I got on the net and with a few simple searches found his blog. I hatched a plan to mess with him. I started posting oddball comments about his floor being dirty and questioning his housekeeping skills. I could tell that I was getting under his skin by his responses to my comments. He started asking why I did not have a blog. So I created one all for the purpose of messing with his mind.

My plan was to continue to comment on him and get more and more personal as time went on. I was having a lot of fun with this and had the next 6 months posts planned out in advance. Then one day I was talking to Chuck on the phone and he asked me if the name Bo Snagley meant anything to me. Being the consummate practical joker, I said no and asked him to elaborate. He said he was having some trouble on the web from a jerk named Bo Snagley and he was getting concerned about the guy. He seemed to know quite a lot about him and was getting annoyed by his off the wall comments about his housekeeping. I slipped up and laughed. I said “Oh yeah Chuck that’s me”. He did not believe me and asked me the name of my blog. I responded Snagley Snagley Snagley, or Tri Snag. We had a good laugh about it and I decided to keep the blog.

From there, the blog evolved to sort of a daily way for me to tell jokes and stories of my childhood. Most of them are true.

I had been considering a children’s book, and this lets me test material as well as rant about things that tick me off. I have met some interesting folks, I have a few favorites blogs.

It has been a year. I get about 80 to 100 unique visitors a day. About 8 to 9 people comment consistently. I have had a little over 28000 hits in this first year since I started tracking it. I wish more people commented. But in all fairness I don’t have as much time to visit other blogs and comment on theirs, so I cant complain. I don’t have a home computer so I have to do this before and after work.

I sometimes hit a creative wall and resort to stupid posts involving among other things pictures of cats. I also realize that most of what I post is prattle and should not be taken too seriously. Thanks for not being too offended at my simple outlook on life.
Snagley out.