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Monday, January 23, 2006 

Well the stone is gone

Thrill Seekers.
I passed the kidney stone. It reminded me of trying to pee out a sweet gum ball.
For those gentle readers among us lets suffice it to say it was not a pretty sight.
Chuck our UT "Urine Tech" was a real trooper. he held the bucket low enough to allow ease of passage. He quickly found the offending stone and retreived it for research and posterity
the below picture is Chuck sitting beside the stone.
A normal man would not have been able to pass such a stone, but as you know i am not a normal man.

In other news:
It has been raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock. My entire yard is mud and standing water. It is profoundly frustrating. I know that it will not get any better until late spring which is even more disturbing.

In yet other news:
My chickens are doing well we have been getting a dozen a day for the past few days. they were up to their ankles in mud so i filled part of the coop in with pine straw. they seem to like this.

And Lastly:
bidding to start today on my kidney stone. I will have the Snagley family crest chisseled on the face of the stone. I will also include Chuck "my personal UT" and his bucket.

Snagley out.