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Friday, March 10, 2006 

My boy.
my oldest boy is 7.
he looks like me with a different color hair.
He thinks like me. We have the same sence of humor. He likes the same things i like.
The other day my wife asked us to pick a number we both picked the same one, three times.
When he was 4 his mother was sick with our number 3, and i was away due to work, he got his brother who was crying in the rocking chair and sang and rocked him to sleep.
He is freakishly strong. he can climb a rope the size of my thumb 20 feet from a swing to the tree holding it and hang there.
I can tell him to go to the chicken coop feed the hens, lock the door and come back, and i dont have to worry about him not doing it or doing it wrong.
He drinks coffee with me each saturday in the workshop and we talk about life.
He is at Childrens hospital with his mom, and i am at this stupid ass desk waiting to hear about some tests.
I am a freaking nervous wreck.
I dont want to go into what test or anything.
I love all my kids equally but #1 is on my mind now.
Snagley out.