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Wednesday, May 03, 2006 

Garden in Cat in

Last weekend i put in the garden it took me 9 hours to break the ground and cultivate it until ready to plant. I was sore for 3 days, mostley because i am out of shape. but it is done. This is the view if you walk 3/4 the distance from the house to the garden. that is part of the chicken coop on the left and also part of the work shop. My Dads old barn in in the background on the left. You can sort of see where I would like to put in a small barn and shed for some goats to eat some of the brush that dominated the place at times.

the other picture is of our newest cat Lucy. Lucy wandered up as a small kitten and is a natural born glutton. She is a pretty cat and lets my 4 year old daughter carry her around like a rag doll. That is about all I expect out of a cat.

Snagley Out.