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Friday, May 19, 2006 

Goat Scramble

I have had some serious enquires sport of Goat scrambling.
here is how it goes.
you get a bunch of very young goats
you get a bunch of very young children
you give each child a flower with sticky stuff on it so it will stick to the goats head
the first one to stick their flower on a goats head wins first place
the scene one to stick their flower on a goats he's wins second place

It originated in the old country when goats were not often bathed and water was at a shortage,
the villagers would procure the village idiot to hang flower garland around the necks of the village goats in hopes that the aroma of the fragrant marigolds would smother the stench of goat.
but the village idiot ran for mayor, won and was no longer available for the task.

the villagers then enlisted or rather drafted the services of their children over the age of 8 and younger than 12 to flower the goats. This seemed to work, so each year thereafter as the flowers began to bloom, the children would all gather and put flowers on the goats. The practice evolved to what we now know as the goat scramble.

Contrary to popular believe it is much more prestigious to win second place at a goat scramble. My son graciously and chivouroulsy allowed a young girl ,who suffered from an ingrown toenail , to win first place. He wrestled a goat to the ground and brought it to the young las who then put her flower on the goats head, thus securing first place. He then promptly claimed second by flowering a large goat in under 7 second. Third place was won by a local track star who was awed by my sons athletic prowess.

I hope this breif history of the Goat Scramble clears up any confusion on the matter.

Snagley out.