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Tuesday, May 16, 2006 

day at a goat show

I am doing a post this time with only one mention of Chuck
That was it.

I went to a goat show this weekend. Yes gently readers you heard it right a goat show.
It was a show about goats, how to raise them how to show them and how to pick out a really good one. It was educational. I have been considering raising goats for a three-fold purpose.

1. It would be nice to have something eat up all the brush that I keep spending my vacations cutting down.
2. Show goats are expensive and by raising them we might be able to offset some of the college cost that are only 10 years away.
3. Chickens are starting to get boring.

I looked into Boer goats they are a large meat goat. Mind you I do not want to actually raise meat goats I want to raise registered goats for the purpose of selling to farmers to better their herds. I saw one this weekend that was 15 months old it weighed 190 pounds. It was being shown by a young girl, I asked her father how much a goat like this would sell for and he said 9000.00. I said EGAD.

My oldest son who is 8 years old participated in a goat scramble. This is not a contest to make goat omelets. Each child is given a plastic flower with sticky stuff on the back, and then they chase down a goat and try to stick it on its head. It was just as silly as it sounds but seeing as to how we Snagley’s are not ashamed of being labeled hicks he signed up and won second place.

Cows were milked, Border Collies were shown herding sheep, an old codger sheered a sheep, and the kids got to pet some huge 10-pound rabbits.

In further agricultural news, my special needs chicken Fuzzy Britches still needs a home other than mine. I have built her a pen and her health had drastically improved. She still does not lay eggs but what do you expect from a blind chicken.

The chickens were kicking up a lot of noise the other morning, so I went out to see what was up and saw a large red fox (not Fred Sanford) around the hen house. I ran it off, that night I heard an odd noise and discovered it was a fox distress call. GO to this web site and check out the eighth from the top and you can see what it sounded like. FYI it cannot get into the chicken coop, but if I see it again I may take more drastic measures.

Above is what an nine thousand dollar goat looks like it is the large one on the right, the one on the left is a doe I didn't ask how much it was worth.