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Friday, May 12, 2006 

Chuck tries to buy a dog.

(This is not a typical Snagley post FYI)

Chuck and I went Duck hunting the Year before last

We went on a guided hunt by Ducks unlimited. I had won it as a door prize at work.
Anyway, we hunted with some excellent dogs they were chocolate Labrador retrievers.
It was a real treat watching them work. They would run and retrieve the ducks and dive into the water. The dogs seemed to have a genuinely good time.

Chuck was so impressed he decided he wanted one. So he asked Bud, the guide, what to look for in a good dog. The guide looked at Chuck and said.
Wall yeh gots to make sure you got a duck dog that wont drowned.
He then reached over and grabbed one of his dogs. He said if their butt hole is too loose they will fill up full of water and they wont be able to get out of the water.
Chuck and I both looked skeptical. So Bud lifted the dog’s tail and stuck his finger up the dogs butt. He said see how my finger only goes in up to the first knuckle if it goes in further you gots a sinker. Chuck and I both looked a little unnerved at the sight if Bud sitting there with his finger up a dogs butt.
I made a mental note not to shake hands with Bud when we left.

So Chuck relates the rest of the story to me latter

Chuck goes to the Piney Wood Dog Kennel in Eutaw Alabama, looking for a dog. This was long before he got his present dog “Pooper”. He said the man brought out some beautiful puppies for Chuck to look at. Chuck looked them up and down he picked out one that he liked the best. The dog owner said that he had a good one it is the Son of an award-winning dog, he would be very happy with the dog.

Chuck then lifted the puppies tail and stuck his little finger up the dogs butt all the way to the his second nuckle. The pup looked up with an odd look and pointed his tail letting out a low howl. Chuck said I couldn’t buy this dog it will drowned. Chuck went on to explain Bud theory of tight butt holes. The kennel owner then said, “oh I see I did not realize that this was to be a duck dog. He then reached down and lifted the dogs tail and gave the dogs balls a sharp twist. He then said to Chuck,” try it now I had him set for Quail.

Chuck did not buy the dog. After all of this manipulation at the hands of the kennel owner and from Chuck, the pup bit them both and ran off. Cant say that I blame him either.

again i am so sorry.