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Monday, May 22, 2006 

Sofas, naked chickens, and Whiskey hill

My sweet wife’s parents are buying a new house. Their plan is to buy all new furniture so they called us up and offered us their old stuff is only 8 months old. Sounds like a great deal so we hauled off our old stuff (which is in the latter stages of depreciation) to the local thrift store and cleaned up the floor where they used to be. Then I went and dragged their sofa, recliner, end tables and rocking chair to our house.
When we got there the sofa will not fit into the house, (lovely). So we moved our living room sofa into our sitting room, and now I got to buy my lovely wife a new sofa for the living room.
What kind of deal is that?

In other news.

Our garden is progressing nicely.
5 of our hens have somehow lost all of the feathers on their back. They look uglier that an orangutan with the mange. I am buying some spray so that they may heal up and grow feathers again.

I have absolutely no desire to be at work today.

I am still clearing land for the upcoming new barn. It will be small and I hope inexpensive. I would like to find someone who wants to clear some land and perhaps I can find some good cedar logs to use for the end poles. If anyone out there wants some
Cedar trees cut down and hauled off let me know.

And finally,

My good friend Sven came by the other day. He had fallen off the back of a 4x4 pickup that was ascending a hill commonly known as Whisky Hill. I suspect alcohol was involved because the only person I have ever seen conquer the hill is a dude on a motorcycle and he was surprised that he made it.
Sven looked like he had been sandpapering a bobcats butt in a phone booth.
He said, danged but if that didn’t hurt.
I said, “Well I’ll be.
He said, “I don’t guess I will be doing that again any time soon.”
I said. “Nope don’t believe I would neither”
He said, “alright then”
Then we parted. Just wanted you to know how rural Alabama conversations go.

Snagley out