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Thursday, May 25, 2006 

An ageing Snagley

I am loosing my hair.
Actually I have been loosing it for years. I first noticed it in college. It bothered me a bit but I was too absorbed in chasing girls and not studying to spend much time brooding on it.
After college I had to get a real job. I was an air conditioning mechanic for 6 years. It kept falling out but nobody seemed to notice and I am way too cool to let it bother me.

Now I am closing in on 40 and it is more noticeable. I mentioned it to someone the other day and they said. Just shave it. My head is shaped like a potato. I have lumps here and there and the occasional scar from my misspent youth, so I don’t think shaving my head is a viable option. My wife said it doesn’t bother her so it really doesn’t bother me except for the fact that my head gets sunburned. Nothing is quite as disconcerting as having your head get sunburned and peel. If you have some hair as I do you can’t rub sunscreen on your noggin. If you do rub sunscreen on your noggin it gets your hair all matted and it makes you look as if a pelican pooped on your head, which is not a look that I prefer.

I have worn a cap, when I am in the yard for years, but the doctor keeps cutting skin thing-a-mo-bobs off if me, so I bought a sun hat to protect my ears and the back of my neck. My 4-year-old daughter said it is cool, and my boys are so observant that they don’t even know I am wearing a hat. Now my head doesn’t burn and peal.

When I was in high school my hair was a sight to behold. I graduated from high school in 1985. I looked at a high school picture the other day and was a little embarrassed at how much hair I had. I never grew long hair as it conflicted with the image I was trying to portray to the grandmothers and mothers of the girls I was trying to date. There was just so much of it.

I have decided just to let the stuff fall out naturally. If anybody has a problem with it I will gladly let them kiss the underside of my left foot.

Besides if a pelican does poop on my head, I will be wearing a hat for protection

Snagley out.