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Wednesday, June 07, 2006 

News from Snagleyshire

Jo is now not only pregnant but now also has a kidney stone simultaneously.
They said at the hospital that there is not much they can do other than give her some light pain medicine.

I have been working on an annex to the chicken coop it seems that I have too many chickens in too small of an area and it is causing some problems, so I am making them a large pen to peck dirt in.

I got a water pump for our well to use for irrigation for the garden and to water the livestock I want to raise. The well had not been used for almost 50 years but it is doing ok. I have no plans to drink the water myself.

This year I have three rows of green beans, one row of okra, 48 tomato plants and two rows of peppers and 9 squash plants. I want to plant some peas but I hate picking them.

Oh I am considering becoming a hermit. It seems the only way I can avoid neer-do-wells and malcontents is to withdraw from society completely. It is either that or I am going to start carrying a big stick and whacking people with it at regular intervals. I am taking suggestions for names for me when i turn hermit. Herman is out.

Snagley signing off