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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

My wife is still expecting our 4th baby. She is still taking zofran. When we were expecting our first child she started taking zofran. At that time it was eleven dollars per pill. We were told it was because of the research and development involved in its creation. It is primarily used as treatment for nausea related to chemotherapy.

My wife gets profoundly sick when pregnant. She has nausea 24/7 imagine that for 9 months constant. If she did not take the zofran she would have lost all three of our children due to dehydration. I know a lot of you will say if you don’t want the nausea don’t get pregnant. To those of you who say that, I say please kiss my butt.

Now we are having our planned 4th child. The pills are no longer 11 dollars per pill they now are 36 dollars per pill. Guess what the research and development phase is over. Don’t get me wrong I understand that drug companies have to make their money too. And if they did not I would either be short 3 kids or a wife and I cannot afford to loose any of them.

In other news.
My kids are in vacation bible school this week at my parent’s church, and having a good time. if you don’t know about vbs, it is another southern tradition for rural Alabama families. After school is out they get together and set up the kids up with what amounts to lots of crafts and lots of games and cool-aid in Dixie cups and those hard cookies that have no taste. My kids have a good time and it gives their mother a break.

I had a trespasser at my house the other day. I was in my chair and heard something outside the window. I went to the front porch and sounded my burglar alarm. My burglar alarm is the sound of a12 gage pump shotgun being loaded. Someone ran off, which was wise. I got my spotlight and searched for a target for a while and found nothing. The police said, “oh well, a man would be crazy to mess around here”, I said Yup, and then left, in pursuit of crime. They think it was random as anyone in the community who knows me would be too smart to mess around my house after dark unannounced.

In closing.
I still need a tractor
I still need to find a home for Fuzzy Britches
And I still need some Blantons bourbon

Snagley out