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Friday, June 23, 2006 


As some of you know I am going to Pawley’s island next month.
It will be the first time my family will have taken a weeks vacation together ever.
I have taken weeks off from work but unusually I have worked at home.
The kids were beginning to believe that the beach did not exist. So they will not know for sure. I plan to fish until I have to be revived to consciousness.

When at the beach I like to fish a lot. Like 20 hours per day. My record is 57 hours on a pier without leaving the pier for any reason. I like to smoke a good cigar. The kind that you can smoke for at least 4 hours. It keeps away unwanted nincompoops who want to talk about their recent hemorrhoid procedure. Have you even noticed that when you are fishing in public there is always somebody who figures that if you are fishing on a pier you must want to listen to them talk. They talk about the most inane things, I swear that summer before last I had a guy try to sign me up for Amway while I was trying to fish. I told him that the reason I smoke cigars while fishing during my vacation is to keep away thieves, lawyers and Amway salespeople, he did not take the news well.

My wife is still sick barfing daily. Her kidney stone must have passed. All she seems to be able to eat and keep down is baked potatoes so I am going to buy some stock in a potato farm in Idaho.

Chuck wants me to build him a mailbox post, he is in one of those communities where everyone has the same mailbox post, so he cannot just duct tape one to a tree. He is going to bring me the wood assuming he gets a break from work and I will put it together for him.

My Son #2 found a box turtle yesterday and wants to keep it. I told him that the turtle would not be happy living in a box. But he is heart broken about putting it back. He is afraid the cats will kill it. I told him that wont happen but he is 6.

My passenger side rear view mirror fell off of my truck, I don’t know if anyone is interested in that but it is causing me great distress.

Needless to say I am hurting for material.