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Monday, July 24, 2006 

Mid life crisis is a bust

Update on the mid life crisis

The corvette test-drive went well until they started asking how I planned on paying for this 53,000 automobile.

I tried to tell them for a welthly industrialist this was not a problem, to think upon it no longer.

For some reason they did not fully understand that they were helping me ward off a full-blown mid life crisis. It was dark blue with two twin racing stripes beginning on the front bumper and terminating on the rear bumper. Sweet ride.

On the way home in my 2000 ford ranger, with the right hand rear view mirror removed by a tree limb, rolled over to 100,000 miles.

I stopped and bought a funky gold medallion and unbuttoned my shirt down to my navel.

This look was complemented by my 2000 ford ranger, with the right hand rear view mirror removed, and made me look quite virile. I had many women staring at me; I assume they were checking me out. I started telling them “stay back I am married” as I would pass them on the isle at the dollar store.

I got home and modeled this ensemble for my wife. She tried to contain her obvious arousal by laughing hysterically, pounding her thighs with her fists and telling me hold for a picture. My guess is that she will add this picture to her locket for a quick warming on cold days.

Latter that day I found my old pair of Miami Vice sunglasses and put them on. It did not help my mid life crisis to see my kids laugh until they were unable to speak or walk.

The kids then all found similar clothes in their closets and started modeling them and laughing saying "look i am crazy Daddy".

I then removed all of my more youthful clothes and put on my overalls and went out and fed the chickens.

The mid life crisis is a bust. Maybe I will try again next year.

Snagley out.