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Monday, October 30, 2006 

News from Lake Snagley

Please tell me that non of you will be purchasing the new kevin federline album.
I don't think my heart could take the thought.

In other news. No baby yet, and it is starting to tick my wife off.

our mutual friend and goofball Chuck (who does not know how to drive a nail) is having me make him a mail box post to match his old one. I am having some trouble with the compound miters on the top. He is supposed to be contacting me about some measurments. If you speak to him tell him to hurry it up.

I am not a huge fan of haloween so I dont know what i will do tomorrow other than work late.

My bladder is so full it is about to explode. I have asked my boss for a urinal for my office behind my desk but so far the expense request has not been returned.

I have started a compost area for my garden ( i just know you all want to know about that)

My kids are having a good time being kids. The latest thing is they are making stuff in my workshop. My 7 year old made my 5 year old daughter a race track out of scrap lumber. She was so impressed that she hugged him. I asked her if she would give him a kiss. she said no " he thinks there are cooties".

Thats all i got.
so lets all ASK SNAGLEY

ask me anything i will give you an answer.

Snagley out.