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Monday, October 23, 2006 

We be loyal

Interesting weekend.

I took some of the older cub scouts to a Camporee, A Camporee is a outing in which all the local troops camp at the same place and compete against one another to see who has the superior outdoor skills. The Webelos are the oldest grouping of cub scouts. Next year they will move over to the boy scouts. Webelos stands for “well be loyal scouts”
Having said that

I took my oldest son with me he is 8 which is a year or two younger that the Webelos.
It was a blast. They had a physical fitness course where they could win a badge for physical fitness.
My son ran in the ¼ mile run and beat all but one of the older boys and he was only one second behind the fastest 10 year old.
He did
36 sit-ups in 30 seconds
40 pushups in one minute
6 pull-ups
He ran the 50-yard dash in 9.4 (not bad for short legs)
All of the older men were cheering him on, as he was younger than the other boys, he was loving it.
Needless to say his old dad was very proud.
I love being a father.
If my wife did not get so sick during pregnancy I would have 12 kids.
I may have to start adopting some kids soon.
If I could get paid to be a father, I would stay home with them every day and invest my every moment into my kids.
I had a heart to heart talk with my 5-year-old daughter about the meaning of life. She is starting to grasp it.
And my middle son walks around the yard with a market basket full of Fuzzy Britches the blind hen.

Snagley out.