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Wednesday, October 11, 2006 

Bro in law out of work

Well the brother in law got fired. His Dad fired him. He was living with his parents while before he got fired. He moved out of the house on his own accord, back to his house, which has turned into a drug house.
So now he has lost his wife, car, and job and will soon loose his house, all because he does not want to give up the drugs and go to work.
I don’t want to hear any crying about my insensitivity to his addition. He has chosen his drugs over rehab and his family and job.
His last excuse for not coming to work was “ his friends needed him to drive him somewhere.” Well his employer needed him to do his job. He has missed over 30 days of work this year.

I am taking vacation for the rest of the week.

The baby has not arrived yet but the doctor said it could be any day.

I was going hunting this weekend but decided not to go out of town.

I am trying to get a new banner for my blog.
Murf made one for me and i have no clue how to install it.

I spoke to Chuck. he is well. His bunco group is in the latter stages of the Birmingham regional championships. He also is trying to find some spinner rims for his Ford Taurus he put some 21 inch tires on it last weekend.

Snagley out.