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Monday, November 20, 2006 

depression is real

As none of you know, I suffer from depression.

If you don't believe that depression is a real thing please kiss my bottom, and do not post a comment on this blog.

I had a friend who shot his self in the head, he wounded his self and bled to death in the woods alone. He was clinical depressed, and thought no one else could understand those feelings. He stopped taking his medicine because someone told him he didn't need it. This well informed ass hole told him that depression is not a condition but a state of mind. That medicine would only numb him and not help him.

For the record I am suffering from depression. So I know what it feels like. It is not possible to muster up enough gumption to not be depressed. I take depression medicine every day. If I don't I feel dark as if everyone is against me and no one understands anything I am going through. I feel anxious and nervous. I have problems sleeping. If i do take the medicine i feel normal. I do not feel numb.

So now i got one less living friend.
If you do not believe in depression fine, but dont talk anyone into not taking medication. Go find tom cruise and join his cult and sit around and talk about how weak minded Bo Snagley is.
But my friends blood is on your hands. Try telling his family that his depression was not real.