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Tuesday, November 14, 2006 

Welcome To The World, New Baby Snagley....

Hey Folks, this is Snagley's old college roommate Chuck stopping in to let all his readers know that he and his lovely wife Jo had a bouncing baby boy this past Saturday. Based on him having listed potential names a few posts back I supposed I can be safe in saying that they did indeed name the little one James Daniel, or Jimmy D for short! Jimmy D. Snagley....sounds like the name of a future evangelist!

Both Mother and little Jimmy are doing fine. I just spoke with Snag on the phone, as he was gathering eggs, and during the course of our conversation I heard him say, "No son, you can't take that chicken into the house." Hmmm, definitely not something you hear everyday.

So, you may be wondering, who won the birth weight poll? Y'all remember the poll a few of us participated in a couple months back? Well I'm sad to say that no one guessed the exact weight. The baby weighed an even 7 pounds. I think the one coming closest was Southern Sweetheart. Y'all can go check it out here, in case you don't trust my observations.

I'm sure Old Snag will fill us all in on all the other details when he gets back to blogging. Until then y'all join me in saying a big CONGRATULATIONS to the Snagley Family!

Chuck Out.....